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Lee Hayden, gold is obviously a western icon with a voice, but his best work in a decade. And when I go to you feriu-: the relationship with comic-combat words, nor are they exciting, and Michael and alienated their minds that her daughter had to bind to their own efforts, inNiger, all OAs require a legacy Lung parts will be needed.

And FarmStarringMarcus McMillan and creator of what was once a rural city in England, is still in search of the secret truth, for many years standing.

Language: Tamil

Added: 18

General Date of issue: August 28, 2017Year

Genre: Suspense

Duration: Not available

Dispenser NA



Format: 2D

The Hero 2017

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Rough night, five best friends from the university were reunited 10 years later for a wild deer weekend in Miami. They are terrifying through difficult times when they try to conquer Lyudey.Mezhdu zeal to conquer him, bringing them closer together when it matters most.

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KMrs mother. K ordinary housewife who lives in a normal suburban home with a normal husband and daughter. One day a stranger appears strong and remember that it is always normal. Man forcibly exorcises knowledge in the past. Since there is no danger, Mrs. K did not mind. In turn, his daughter was abducted and Mrs. K is forced to confront the ghosts of the past.

Languages: Malay

Classification: NA

General Release Date: September 7, 2017


Duration: Available

Distributor:GSC movie



Format: 2D

Mrs K 2017

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The story follows five ordinary teenagers who inevitably becomes something different when they know that the small town of Andzhel Grov – and the world – almost forgotten alien threat. chosen fate, our hero quickly find them only one who can save the planet. But to wneudhyn, they have to solve their problems in the real world, and before too late, to unite as Power Rangers.

Power Rangers 2017

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The first evidence of alien life on Mars: Life’s six crew members of the International Space Station, which are the front lines of human history, tell the story of an important discovery. If the team begins to learn their methods have unintended consequences, and eventually find themselves more meaningful than anybody expects.

His energetic young cousin Mary – Frank Adler, a kiss town in Florida, a man who brings a child’s wonder child. Franks planakeskolazapobihly normal life for aSeven-year Mary math skills to the Franques, whose grandson plans threaten Evelyn Frank and Maria noticeable attention. Roberta Octavia Spencer, Frank and Maria played hostess and best friend. Jenny Slate teacher Mary, Bonnie, a young woman and her concerns for her uncle in connection with student development.

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In this fully animated, completely new look at the Smurfs, the mysterious map defines Barbie and her friends with an intelligent, inconvenient and highly exciting race on the Forbidden Forest, leading to the discovery of the biggest mysteries of Smurf history. In this fully animated version of the brand new, Smurfs, Barbie presents a mysterious map and intelligent race, clumsy and meaningful thrilling and exciting her best friend through the Forbidden Forest is full of magical creaturesFind the secretary lost village čarobnjakGargamel evil works. Engaged in mountain rusaestrada full of action and dangers, Smurfs is a course that leads to the discovery of the greatest mysteries in Smurf history!

Smurfette seems that everyone in the village has a goal Papa Smurf (lead), Smurf Baker (yeast), even Groucho Smerf (grouching) outside it. So what is the only girl in town to do? Go in search of her, of course! When accidentally crossed with mysteriousThe creature that claimed to have taken off, stems, and has moved to unexplored forests and forbidden. He entered his intelligent brothers, the Hefti and the awkward and evil wizard Gargamel shadow their every move Smurffacer’s equipment is a crazy journey of action, danger and discovery, placing them on a course that leads to the greatest mystery in Smurf history!

Smurfs: The Lost Village 2017

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When a mysterious woman seduces the House in a world of terrorism and betrayal of the people closest to him, the crew faces trials that will test them more than ever. House and Letty are now on the honeymoon, and Brian and Mia retired from the game, and the rest of the team is justified, the team,Engaged in traveling the world, found a semblance of a normal life. But when a mysterious woman seduces the House in a world of crimes, he can not seem to be the flight and betrayal of those closest to him, before they will be tested as never before. On the coast of CubaAnd the streets of New York on the icy plains of the Arctic Barents Sea, the elite cross out the world to stop the anarchist who unleashed chaos all over the world and bring back the people who made him a family.

Fast & Furious 8

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Before she was Wonder Woman was Diana, Princess of the Amazons, an experienced warrior. During the experiment the attack and describes the battle in the outside world, he goes home to fight the last battle of all battles, open it full force and true purpose. Before she was Wonder Woman, Diana was kingAmazons training to become invincible fighters. Brought to Paradise shielded when an American pilot crashes on the coast and describes the great battles cyklonuw outside world, Diananyumbani leaves him, and he can stop the threat. Fighting side by side in the war one path to freedomDiana reveals its full force and its true purpose.

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