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If you need something stronger than Microsoft Paint, but not as complex as Photoshop, it’s what you need.

Turn your image into an oil paint

The well-designed image editor offers a wide range of tools and options that you can only expect to find in large graphics suites.

You can simultaneously run multiple images, support for haenauMae history of all the changes you make to your images, if you can easily undo them, and include some of the drawing tools (eg brushes and geometricforms).

You will also find a lot of filters and special effects, then you can convert your image into an oil painting or a pencil in one.

Simple and easy

A ganrhyngwyneb simple, makes the program easy to use. The menus are well organized so it’s easy to find the option you want.

Widespread functions selectionVan

Image editing suite is free, with many of the tools for photo retouching optimization. Because of its simplicity, but also its wide rangeOf features, the program is ideal for the casual and dead-end people who offer more complex editing.


This update a few shortcuts broken is solved for command view – actual size.

Fixed: Ctrl + Shift + A now acts as a shortcut for View – Actual Size (Cutting)

Fixed: Ctrl + 0 is still on View – actual size, even 10-minute images open (broken, will change to 10 images)

Paint NET 4

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4k Video Downloader Windows 7/8 Portable download
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4k Video Downloader is recorded as download content for certain YouTube, video or audio clips.

If you see a video on YouTube and possibly save it to your computer, so you can see whenever you want, you will see 4k Video Downloader. Similar to aTube Catcher you can record videos from YouTube quality videos or audio clips for your favorite 4k Video Downloader.

All you need to do is copy the VideosDu Want to capture LaterJust click Video Downloader “Insert link” and select the quality you want to record. You will also be asked if you want to save a video or an audio recording of MP3 audio only.

4k Video Downloader is still quite early in the download process and can also download many videos at once. Also mobile and version available for Mac.

YouTube videos and voice capabilities, hatWar has never been easier, thanks to 4k Video Downloader.

There are many video downloaders inOut there just follow YTD Video Downloader is. YTD Video Downloader is simply the perfect tool for storing video clips from your favorites YouTube and other video websites.

Cut and paste the URL

When you install YTD Video Downloader, it will ask you if you want another software program, but you can push it by clicking dismissed.And it is installed quickly and it will automatically YTD Video Downloader. The interface itself which means. When you copy or YouTubeThe video link to your clipboard, automatically detects and locates within the address field.You can now be in full HD 1080p, as well as download lower quality. Just click the red “Download” button at the bottom and YTD Video Downloader will soon be downloaded.

Convert into different formats

Activity window shows your statusDownload your anVon and we find that downloading the video takes about three minutes. Then you can play backVideos directly from the tab or download “activity” by clicking “Play.” Right click on the menu bar event, where you can choose to play in YTD or default, and delete files, stop rests, rename, etc.

You can also change the video after download, Better than some presets for iPod, iPad, MP4, Windows Media, etc. for download conversion at the same time, you need to upgrade to Pro version though. Time talk on time andAlso download.

Note that you can add as many videos to download and make changes as you wish, so you can easily run in YTD Video Downloader to download them. Multiple files at a time, you need to upgrade to Pro.


YTD overallVideo DownloaderEin is an excellent download of YouTube videos using an easy, fast and effective.

4k Video Downloader

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Adobe Reader Lite 9 Shumi download torrent
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Adobe Reader Lite is a shortened version of the minimum known Adobe PDF reader.

Although Adobe Reader is the original PDF to read, many people say that all the additions and new features added to the latest version are too weak izawyżone, it should be considered the best. Nevertheless, it is a complete set of tools to see a joy and reliable, and thus the developers of Adobe Reader Lite decided to use it as a basis for this version.

IfEver ostskali Adobe Reader, AdobeReaderLite will be second nature. Open the application, import the document in PDF format and you can see it in few seconds. Where Adobe Reader Lite differs from the original, it is difficult to determine, but it is safe to say that its own desire, but with all basic functions are discarded.

However, regardless of whether Adobe Reader Lite is right, like Adobe held, being a bit-Grauzone feel. It is also completelyMissing Adobe ReaderLite kankretnyhdakumentatsyya or resources that make its use makes a little risky to feel. It is also difficult to understand why someone modded version of some irregularities miałbyużywać if it is a great specialized alternative such as PDF-XChange Viewer Foxit Reader and environment.

Adobe Reader Lite is a much lighter version of the classic ad reader, but it still does not bardzopodniecony.

Adobe Reader XI is the official PDF reader. ItIs integrated with most web browsers and allows you to easily print comments, exchange documents. It is necessary to open thousands of documents, forms and guides.

All you have PDF przeczytaćPlików

The classic Adobe Reader tools have not changed. FROMTHE to editing tools Magnifier and reading the new features updated Annotation features have been added that simplifies text selection or comments.

DziękiTryb protectedAnd other security measures, it is now much to fill byaspechneydlya forms and PDF documents with complex objects. New Adobe Reader XI protected mode also includes data security features.

With opcjądzielenie you can send a document to e-mail via the Adobe SendNow service. In addition, through the Adobe Reader can integrate from their online services, you can have the benefits of interesting features, but you will have an online account.


in theComparison to previous versions, Adobe Reader XI through the simplicity of the interface, which shows only the most necessary. To access all other features, all you need to do is open a bar or menu.

Adobe Reader XI supports various modes such as ornormal screen reading. This means that you can also use it with a touchscreen. Similarly, all with different functions are very simple.

Adobe Reader XI is a much better version of thePDF-Reader 9IT svyatlodastatkova has, competing with otherAlternative readers.

On the other hand, it is also somewhat tedious to set up, especially for older computers, as well as integrating with browsers is not as good as it could be. Sometimes it is better to turn to the already integrated readers.


On the contrary, reliable and easy Adobe Reader XI is an indispensable tool if you open with full screenreadingrezhym often and printing of PDF documentsYou can use PDF files, even on smaller screens.


ostatniRelease. This regular quarterly update, which provides a reduction in security provides improved features and bug fixes.

Adobe Reader Lite 9

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MagicDisc 2.7 fast-dl 64/32 Bit download
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Working quickly and easily to different disk image MagicDisc tool for your Windows PC. Download it today for free and manage disk image of your computer.

Create disk image from your CDs and DVDs

Physical media, such as:CD-A or DVD is still a place in today’s computer world. But also CD-fizichkiDisk and programs of physical disk to be supported in digital. Enter MagicDisc great free program for creating and working with digital copy of your physical disk.The program can be treated with a number of different documents for different services. NRG Nero IMG from Windows and disk clone CIF, just to name a few. Whether you’re trying to do and whatever you try,MagicDiscna work can be very helpful.

Time virtual CD drive

The magic can burn digital hard drive directly to your computer steckenDie digital copies of physical discs. Just click on the disk image you want to use and select”Contact” and the image is displayed as a virtual drive on your computer. Nothing can try the simple free today!

MagicDisc supports the following formats

Bin, IMA / img / CCD, MDF / MDS, VCD, VaporCD, P01 / MD1 / XA, VC4 / 000, VDI, C2D (Creator), BWI / BWT, CDI, TAO / DAO,PDI

MagicDisc 2.7

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Logosmartz Logo Maker Software 7 FastDL Torrent Download
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Want to icons, but I do not know where to begin? It is easy to start, if only it be rightly LogoSmartz do not plan.

For example, many LogoSmartz the panisVos can create and customize. This is the easiest way to create a symbol, but, in a little while you’ll get more confident, you can start from scratch. For men do not gather the art, of the art to change the color, size, make use of the things that you can do as you should the council was concluded,.

The interface works created by gradusIta logo steps it can not go on, and it always edit objects where necessary. LogoSmartz is aimedto start – Photoshop experts will find all the missing tool applicationsAdobe. However, it is more accessible, it is Photoshop, and strive to create signs which are proper for them.

Except that there is a problem LogoSmartz flash – is a necessary means of resources, click menu to activate the flash is more irritating it. It is not an insignificant question, as it seems, but it is of less use, because it makes the work is mainly used to program the remote so that it is easy to achieve from a menu of users.

It is not despite the fact that estFlash, LogoSmartzit is simple and flexible and friends who can collect e-logo use.

Logosmartz Logo Maker Software 7

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 langga Torrent Download
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Herramientas de Paseo grfico galardonadas

Lo hemos mejorado inmejorable: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 es nuestro programa de Paseo grfico innovador hasta nuevo en la fecha! Llvate herramientas de todas nuestras galardonadas CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 muchsimo ms. Sltate esbozo el papel pasa en escaneado directamente a usar nuestra nueva herramienta increble LiveSketch the capture tus ideas en el instante en que te la creatividad asalte. Nuestra solucin incluye funciones vanguardistasParaayudarteCrerarmagnficos a diseos, grficos, fotografas sitios web con toda confianza facilidad.

Lnzate de cabeza

Sea cual sea tu nivel de experiencia, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 te lo que pone fcil the empieces a usar el programa rpidamente. Aprende los conceptos bsicos de funcionamiento, conoce las novedades en la visita guiada de inicio a la migra con una solucin main cave paso a paso Brigida especficamente a los usuarios de Adobe. S productivo de inmediato con un espacio de trabajoAdaptado forest necesidadesdetu flujo de trabajo Disfruta de contenido de primera calidad aprendizaje integrado.


Sintete como en casa con todas tus herramientas preferidas! Adapta tu espacio de paseo a tus necesidades Tamao de icono con el color de escritorio borde de ventana personalizados. Explora organiza fuentes para tus proyectos con la ayuda del General Manager of Corel Font amplifier 2017. coleccin tu contenido de herramientas creativas descargando apps, Complementos, extensionesY paquetes defuentes gratuitostolly directamente desde las aplicaciones


Saca el máximo partido a tus habilidades de paseo con las funciones de este intuitivas Avanzadas software de Paseo grfico. Rpidamente fuentes para cualquier encuentra con proyecto de bsqueda la funcin filtrado de fuentes. Ahrrate valioso tiempo de Paseo gracias a la nueva herramienta LiveSketch, que te permite capture en cualquier original idea lpiz dispositivos con en el instante en que te la creatividad asalte. Conlan rpido TrabajaMs edicin nueva de todosRefinay la herramienta con tus fotografas Clon corrector de Corel PHOTO-PAINT 2017.


Novedad! herramienta LiveSketch

Esboza dinnisamente sea! LiveSketch Revolucionaria es una nueva herramienta que en los ltimos KASADA est en inteligencia artificial avances aprendizaje automtico. Los esbozos a mano en curvas Alzada se convierten vectoriales precisas en dispositivos tctiles.

Novedad! Previsualizaciones vectoriales, todos tiradores mejorados

EditaObjetos con efectos demanera ms eficiente previsualizaciones,tiradoresmejorados todos que no desaparecen entre los colores de fondo del Paseo.

Novedad! Interactivos deslizantes controles en destacados

Trabaja fcilmente rellenos de objeto con, transparency, mezclas, income, sombras gracias a los controles Siluetas deslizantes interactivos prominentes ms.

Novedad! Formas de nodo personalizadas

CorelDRAW simplifica 2017 de forma a la aplicacin curvas al asignar a objetos cada una forma tipoDe nodo nica, lo quefacilita la identificacin de todos asimtricos, Curvosy simtricos.Puedes drug elegir las formas de nodo que mejor se tu adapten flujo de trabajo.

Novedad! Interfaz de usuario methyl

La compatibilidad con el modo tablet permite realizar ajustes rpidos de forma methyl con un muy fcilmente grfico lpiz. El nuevo espacio de trabajo Funcin methyl maximize el Tamao de la ventana de drawing mostrando Comandos solo las herramientas a menudo utilizados ms, AdeMS, te permiteAplicar panormica la vista el nico zoomcon un gesto.

Novedad! Important for the mejoraslpices grficos

Disfrutade una experiencia de drawing natural resultados en expresivos obtn gracias a la compatibilidad nativa Microsoft Surface con la compatibilidad avanzada con lpices grficos. La interfaz de usuario Renovada proporciona instantneo acceso a los controles pertinentes la opcin de elegir rpidamente las propiedades del lpiz grfico que deseas aprovechar. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 se ha mejoradoDe modo que sacar partido bad puedas precinct, orientacin, inclinacin giro de tu lpiz grficothe controller numerosasherramientas efectos.

Novedad! Importer de espacios de trabajo de version anterores

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite allows importar directamente 2017 te espacios de trabajo de CorelDRAW Corel PHOTO-PAINT creados en las version X6, X7 and X8. Dispones algunos de la flexibilidad Denas alasos del espacio de trabajo de otros excluir. Drug opcin de la tienes tu espacioDe aadirlos a real trabajo de crear una nueva totalmente configuracinde IU. Dems, Podrs elegir elements los del espaciode trabajo que Export Importdeseas rpido en que nunca.

Novedad! Compatibilidad con Microsoft Surface Dial

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 proporciona compatibilidad nativa con Microsoft Surface Dial en Windows 10. The software base CorelDRAW Corel PHOTO-PAINT de la solucin te permitirn experimententar en una de las formas interactuar Exclusivas de crear con la tecnologa.


DisfrutaDe la eficacia gracias a la Estabilidadque necesitas compatibilidad total con Microsoft Windows 10 DescubreCMO pueden mejorar tu experienciacon software de Paseo grfico innovadoras sus funciones. Dems, a drug that is not compatible with Windows 7. The amplifier las opciones compatibilidad de tu programa de Paseo con los formatos de archivo en recientes, Como AI, PSD, PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, DWG, DXF, EPS, TIFF, DOCX , PPT muchos otros.

Kompatibilidad con varios monitor, pantallas 5K Lpiz en tiemponyata

Saca partido a la nueva visualizacinen monitor varios con la compatibilidad pantallas 5K. Trabaja de manera RPIDeficiente que con el controlaadido Proporcionar las tabletas compatibles con el Lpiz en tiempo real de Windows, as Microsoft Surface, AdeMS de las tabletas disprosivos Wacom otros.

Corel Font Manager

Explora, Administra organiza fuentes con el nuevo Corel Font Manager para todas tus satisfacer necesidades relativas a letter del texto. Administra tus Colecciones deFuentes tipos de letra con facilidad usa fuentessin necesidad de instalarlas. La solucin abarca todo lo que necesita cualquier Professionrequiere el uso que a diariode fuentes, desde el Paseo grfico, la publicacin ilustracin, hasta el Paseo de Embalajes, rotulacin, publicidad Paseo de sitios web.

Filtrado bsqueda de fuentes

Ahorra tiempo de Paseo valioso funcin gracias a la Mejorada de filtrado de fuentes. Rpidamente encuentra que la fuente especfica necesitas sin necesidad de la bsqueda Dedic Tiempo en varias carpetas. Por ejemplo, buscasun si se que tipo de letra parezca a la escritura manual, puedes hacer una por bsqueda RPIDfuentes caligrficas. La lista de fuentesy se actualize automicsamente Mostrar todas las fuentes del equipo que ese cumplen requisito de bsqueda.

Show objects

Literary deseo son rdenes. Disfruta de las nuevas funciones de Paseo important creamos que como respuesta a los comentarios sugerencias de los usuarios de CorelDRAW. Administra proyectos complejosCon toda facilidad mediante la nueva ocultarobjetos funcin de Show, que te permite ocultar objects individuales grupos de objetos de una capa sin necesidadtoda la capa de ocultar.

Segment segmentationde curva

Copia, smoke copies of fragments of curvas eksida con la funcin de copia de segmentos de curva, que te permite reutilizar segmentos de curva en los proyectos.

Funcin Desenfoque gaussiano

Explora la lente Desenfoque gaussiano (incluida en Corel PHOTO-PAINT) the ajustar el nivel de los deFundido porch de la sombra poder as Control distance ytamao percibidos de los objetos a respecto al fondo otros elementos.

Clon corrector Herramienta

Mejorapreferidas tus fotos con nuevas herramientas paraeficaces Edit CORREGIR formas de diversas. Prueba la nueva herramienta Clon corrector, que te permite eliminar imperfecciones mezclndolas con los colores Texturas circundantes. Explora las herramientas numerosas profesionales de edicin de fotografas incluidas en Corel PHOTO-PAINT.

CuadroDe logo Enderezar imagen

Gracias al cuadro de logo mejoradoEnderezar imagen de CorelDRAW Corel PHOTO-PAINT, Podrs CORREGIR distorsiones de placer en fotografaslneas rectas con superficies planas, even las fotografasde arquitectura de edificios.

herramienta Cuchillo

Gracias a la herramienta Renovada Cuchillo de CorelDRAW, Podrs dividir grupo de cualquier objeto objects (vector, texto mapas de bits) a lo largo de lneas rectas, a mano zier Alzada. Crea un hueco entre los nuevosObjetos creados tras la division superponlos. Opcin Elige una de contornoo deja que la Selección aplicacin opcin automicsamente la mejor que conserva el aspecto del contorno.

Personalizacindel espacio de trabajo

S productivo de inmediatoen un espacio de trabajo que a las Justa necesidades de tu flujo de trabajo. Basta con que el espacio de Paseo adjust cambiando el aspecto de los elementos que a menudo usas ms: modifica del escritorio el color de los porch de ventana, Personalize el tamaoDe los Iconos el texto. Trabaja tu manera!

Requerimientos DEL SISTEMA

Windows 10, Windows Windows 7, 32 bit and 64 bit, con las actualizaciones ms recientes Service Package

AMD Core i3 / 5/7o AMD Athlon 64


1 GB de espacio en el disco duro

Pantallamultitoque, Ratn tablet grfica

Resolucin de pantalla de 1280 720 al 100% (96 ppp)

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 posterior

Microsoft .Net Framework

Unidad de DVD Opcional (para la instalacin de la versin en caja)

ConexinSebuah Internet *

* Ice necesaria conexin a Internet para iniciar machine autenticar CorelDRAW GraphicsSuite, recibir actualizaciones de rendimiento Estabilidad, Acceder al contenido en lnea usar algunas funcionestales como los cdigos QR el Centro de contenido. CorelDRAW GraphicsSuite puedes usar sin conexin siempre cuando te conectes a High al menos una vez al mes.


CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017

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Minecraft Server 1 Installer Download
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Minecraft server is required for anyone who wants a multiplayer game of Minecraft. Play the epic sandbox game can be more fun in groups, as well as the construction of large buildings and mine is much easier with the help!


hoespel, Minecraft Server does not come with instructions, and can be a challenge for beginners. You can find instructions here. When deciding to include the substance of four steps: 1. PrezemeteMinecraft serverot.2. configure and run serverot.3. checkyour settings Firewall.4.Maak dieMinecraft game client and connect to your server.Otkako will be underway, your friends that you connect to the IP address of your computer. then Minecraft will play as usual, but will not be so lonely experience!

If jyom time is in setting up Minecraft server, it can be great fun. But compared to most commercial games, it is incredibly complex!


has more players in Minecraft server, the more resourcesyou consume – if your computeris is not very strong, you can have a few laughs and fan noise see!

Minecraft Forge is a tool that allows you to install mods and creates server continually popular minecraft.

toegangom thousands of mods for Minecraft

To take advantage of hundreds, even thousands raspolaganjeza Minecraft mods, install a tool you need. Minecraft Forge is one of the most popular in the community Minecraft, one of the largest number verso bar mods.

Many sites list the mods likethe official wiki for Minecraft Forge, Planet Minecraft, andre source pack.

In addition to installing and managing mods, Minecraft Forge allows you ofinstalling own Minecraft server. You can house your partyeen invited players to play sovas.

A difficult installation

The installation of Minecraft Forge can be a little tricky, but you will all the help you need on the dedicated wiki and forums to find it. Once the installation is complete, and add bynuwe mods is verysimple: you have to drag and drop files in the folder mods folder of the installation of Minecraft.

An indispensable tool for modders

If you want to make the most of everything emods Minecraft, Minecraft Forge will be an indispensable tool.

Minecraft Server 1

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Adblock Plus for Firefox 2 Torrent Download
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Adblock Plus is a Firefox add-on that allows you to block ads that appear on web pages.

As for Firefox, Adblock Plus is a small program, thoughtful located in the upper right corner of the navigation bar. Clicking on the red icon will munculDaftar can be locked elements on the page and drop-down list reveals more features and configuration options.

For Adblock Plus, to work properly, you will need to choose Adblock filters. There bogatinstruktsii to choose the right people’s Domain, so do not worry too muchabout it. If you choose not to register on the list, you can choose to block ads.

Adblock Plus works by identifying the advertising on a web page and completely preventing it shows. The sanarisiko that Adblock Plus could accidentally block something that was really ad Never mind, although in our tests it did not happen.

Even if Adblock Plus do bloklegitimen site, the site provides information about whatto do – in fact, it provides informasihampir every aspect of the program.

Browsing the internet withoutadvertising is a very strange experience – you can even test I think some of your favorite pages are looking a little empty!

Fancy surfing without ads? Then PlusIni Adblock is definitely for you.


Added prevodotnovo Brazilian Portuguese.

Slightly decreased delay when new browser window opens.

Fixed: Tabs on Flash and Java mights leak memoridalamsome rare diseases.

Fixed: When the image is highlighted by a list of items to block border is not visible flicker.

Fixed erroneous assumptions in the filtercomposer ($ object-selection filter ditunjukkantidak subrequest right).

Fixed: undesirable side effect of changing the size of the list of possible items blokiraako extensions, such as Vertical Tabs is installed (bug 23 890).

Fixed: Filter statistics do not go back to Firefox 4 if sejarahdibersihkan when closing the browser (forum topic).

Fixed: The list can beblocking element and from the context menu does not work properly in Firefox and Thunderbird (bug 23 890).

Fixed: false tooltip text displayed onthe button Salibuntuk “Tell us on Facebook”.

Adblock Plus for Firefox 2

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Parche para Resident Evil 4 update x86 download free torrent
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Parche para Resident Evil 4 is a good, free game for Windows, which is part of the category in the PC gaming and published by Capcom.

For more information about Parche para Resident Evil 4

Its current version was updated on 10/17/2012. It is available for users of the Windows XP operating systemand earlier versions, and you can get in English.

weadded since this game in our list in 2012, it has already reached 174.170 downloads, and received 337 downloads mwishowiki.

Information on the establishment of the size Parche para Resident Evil4 currently unavailable. This is a very popular sportin countries such as Kenya, India and Hungary.

Parche para Resident Evil 4

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COREL GRAPHICS SUITE X5 Draws MULTI Clean Language + crack full 100% working

system requirements

Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, with latest service packs installed (32-bit or 64-bit version)

Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon 64 or AMD Opteron


750 MB of hard disk space (1 GB for typical installation without content). Up to 6GB needed to install extra content

Mouse or tablet

1024 768 screen resolution (768 1024 on a Tablet PC)

DVD drive

MicrosoftInternetExplorer 7 or more



Intuitive vector illustration and page layout software


Image editing program specifically designed for use in a graphics workflow

Power X5 Corel

Bitmap vector file conversion tool


One-click screen capture utility


Full-screen search tool that lets you quickly digital content on a computer, and search millions of images on Flickr, Fotolia and site iStockphotomembantu


Interactive online collaboration tool

application support

Barcode wizard, the wizard duplexing, bit stream Font Navigator, Swish Minimax 2 *, PhotoZoom Pro 2 *


10,000 quality clipart and digital images, 2,000 vehicle templates, 1,000 high-resolution digital photos, 1,000 OpenType fonts, including 75 Windows Glyph List 4 (GL4) fonts and 10 engraving fonts, 350 professionally designed templates


Online Guide (hard cover, FULL COLORthe, printed guide available with the box version), Reference CardQuick, Help Files


2hours DVD video training


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