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In a case you are looking for an Asian partner – from China, from Japan, from Thailand, Korean, etc. – realizes what would interest you as the portal has one of the largest selections of women in the Asian region. Nearly 20 years of work gives a chance to to underline that they have a recipe on how to make date Asian women and foreign men.

Asian Date Overview

Asian Date portal is among the most well-known and experienced online dating services that pay attention to hosting girls from China, the Filipino girls, ladies from Japan, Thai women, Indonesian women, and Asian women. The site is a part of vast Anastasia group : the venue reminds the parent venue in design, features provided, anti-fraud policy and pricing models. The one major dissimilarity is that Anastasia provides services internationally paying attention to Eastern Europe while takes care of profiles dedicated exclusively to Asian ladies.

The site was established in 1113 and it claims to be guilty of roughly 6000 marriages every year. As a part of the most reliable and decent Asian virtual dating sites the platform perceives seriously its fame and endeavor to offer the members multiple services that give a chance to members to search out their potential spouse. Together with basic emails and analogue calls, the site offer the members possibility to take part in a video call with a woman, to initiate a face-to-face date in her city, to go on so-called Matchmaking adventure to interact with as many women as possible and to enhance the opportunity to meet your soul mate. The Asian women are famous for their sweet attractiveness. Bachelors worldwide are astonished by the glory Asian brides are characterized by and are eager to detect a woman from Asia to date and to get old together. Nowadays it proves to be not that hard plan as there are diverse portals that give a chance to ladies and gentlemen from different countries to encounter each other on the Internet and to date.

Ease of Use

Asian Date register process creates an impression of the logical and intuitive. You are obliged to disclose your name and electronic mail – and, it seems that, the process is complete. Sooner you will be supposed to complete your account but it seems to be your decision which facts you would select to post. After all, the more details you reveal about your personality – the more chances to spot your soul mate you have.

AsianDate is equally intuitive in exploitation. You may browse the site easily as all the main tools and options are marked. Also, considering you have ever checked any other platforms that are part of by Anastasia group you would realize that the platform has identical graphic design. Along with being simple and quick, the portal is also designed carefully. Furthermore, help members and to facilitate their chats with other members, an app for mobiles has been released. the mobile application allows website’s customers to maintain a dialogue with other users via gadgets.

Number of Members

As an option, you have a possibility to browse the top 1000 female members who are chosen as the most attractive and amazing members of international dating portal. When you are not ready to wait while one of the women would answer your email you have a chance to try to communicate with those female users that are on the site at the moment you browse the venue. You can check out a special list of the ladies currently online so that you have a possibility to start the dialogue with them without hesitations. concentrates mainly on ladies from China and Filipino girls : the majority of accounts that exist on the portal belong to women from these areas. For sure, there are enough ladies from Thailand, women from Vietnam, Japanese women, ladies from Malaysia, Indonesian women, girls from Singapore, South Korean girls, and Kazakh ladies. However their number seems to be insignificant. But, you must not be irritated : the website has different female members to acquaint you with in order to meet your standards and to give you an opportunity to date girls from Asia.

Quality of Pages

As soon as you pass Asian Date authentication process you have the opportunity to access a large number of pages made by ladies from Asia. As a rule, they include overall details (age, nationality, gender, number of children, etc.), aspects of appearance (eye color, hair color, kilograms and height), lifestyle, etc. The key aspect is that all the girls can brag of their level of English posted on their pages. Thus, you have a possibility to choose a woman that is nice to talk to.

Advanced search tools help you to divide female members on the basis of particular trait. For instance, you can look for ladies that have passions that remind of your own interests. Or you have an opportunity to search out potential Asian life partners on the basis of age. Or you can ask the system to offer you personal pages of those female users who share videos on the website and those women who are ready for video meetings. Thus, you enjoy a few tools for identifying a female member that would be consistent with your requirements. However, not all the accounts can brag of the “Confirm” sign. Therefore you have no chance to be completely sure if you talk to a real woman from Asia who is characterized by sincere intentions.

Safety & Anti-Scam

AsianDate is cautious about scammers and protection of information. Asian Date anti-fraud policy ensures refunds considering any of the members was fooled by a swindler. For instance, considering any female user disseminated untrue details about her personality or with open eyes lied in the questionnaire to mislead the rest of the site customers then such woman would be kept out the website and her profile would be destroyed. The same punishment takes place considering any female user supplicate male users This way, now, date asian girls imply to give tremendously convenient services as sophisticated dating rooms are able to fulfill the needs of the most demanding and difficult users. to send them money or luxurious presents. To refund cash a user spent on communication with a swindler the venue gives back all the credits spent on dialogues with the female user.

To keep away from such situations the website advise men from abroad to be attentive and to follow a set of beneficial fraud-related hints shared on the site.

Instruments & Support

Together with Web-based instruments for communication customers also have a right to take your relations to the real life. Thus, together with virtual gifts you have a chance to also send the tangible presents and flowers to those users you are in love with. You have a right to order a date with a girl in her hometown or to go on a romance matchmaking trip to communicate with different women in person. As Asian cross-national dating venues the site helps you to encounter your future wife. That is why, they are supposed to be sure that you understand the woman you deal with : a professional will assist you during offline dates and all the messages will be explained for a client without any payments. Being a member of Anastasia group Asian Date website offers the identical set of services. First of all, it cares about tools for communication : you should have multiple tools to choose from and to use the most handy instruments for contacting lady. Therefore, you have a chance to send email, message instantly in Live Chat, call, chat with the help of CamShare – a type of video date tool. Unluckily, not all the ladies use up-to-date communication instruments equipped with webcams. Hence you might not have a chance to see a certain lady during the video call.


In a case you wish to encounter an Asian woman you have an opportunity to start exploiting the platform for free. Certainly, you enter the site and surf the platform without any payments. Sadly, considering you are eager to start some sort of relations with a female user you are obliged to obtain at least the basic package of credits required for buying selected functions on the portal. Hence, the smallest price you must deal with to begin a chat with >>> a female user is $15.11.


All the Asian Date Reviews of previous and recent users hint new customers to purchase more credits as then you handle the smaller price per credit :

  • $311 per 1000 credits ($0.40 per credit )
  • 500 credits would cost $241 50 cents per credit )
  • $16 per 160 credits ( 1 credit for 60 cents )
  • 20 credits for $15.11 ( $0.80/credit)

As you are supposed to give away money for every message and all the actions on the portal, you would spend cash more mindfully. Such pricing model prevents you from texting all the female members on the portal and gives you a possibility to talk to those female users who you perceive as really beautiful.

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